Tiny Star


Hello hello hello!! welcome to my cozy lil' corner of the internet where I can safely hide away from the rest of society. i made this site because 1) i had the urge to practice some coding, and 2) i wanted to have a space of my own where i can do whatever i want, yknow? plus i saw some really cool neocities sites and i felt like making one too lol

I'm not too sure what to even put on this website, so i suppose i'll just casually add bits and bobs when the ideas come to me. Mostly, this is a self-indulgent internet space, so i don't expect everyone to find anything useful here, but if someone can find something neat and interesting here, or otherwise enjoy my ramblings, that'd be really awesome :)

i'm relatively new to this whole neocities thing and the culture surrounding it so pls bear with me while i adjust :)


Find all my social links below!!

I'm the most active on Instagram and ToyHouse. I don't post on my DeviantArt account anymore and mainly still have it as an archive, but I'll still link it in case you'd like to peruse my older stuff.