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see all the fanlistings i'm a part of, as well as any websites I consider useful or neat :)

websites are sorted by category below! I've used a lot of them myself to build this website.

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resources & neat websites

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    Miscellaneous Cool Things!

  • Browser Ponies - A version of Desktop Ponies for your website. Allows you to import your own characters too! See mine on my about page.
  • A Soft Murmur - an online noise machine to use for focus or when you're not feeling great and need to calm down.
  • You feel like shit - an interactive flowchart for when you feel like shit. meant to help with executive dysfunction.
  • Purrli - cat purring in your browser!
  • myNoise - relaxing soundscapes
  • GUIdebook - a library of old GUIs

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